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We live to create & create to inspire.

We brand from the inside out! Our mission is to invoke passion, sharpen brands, enhance your customer's experiences, and cultivate your brand’s story. We are a group of brand specialists, all in our designated fields, committed to illuminating and strengthening our clients' luxury and/or creative brands. We accomplish this through the means of brand inventories & uniquely crafted plans of action to ensure sustainability and longevity. MUSE will not only map the building blocks of your vision, but also identify and bridge any gaps. Whether you want to establish your signature brand, or take your brand from PHENOMENAL to LEGENDARY, MUSE is equipped to meet your Branding & development needs.

PHILIPPIANS 1:6: being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.


Hello Rockstar!

My name is PJ Owens, President and CEO of MUSE Branding & Development Agency. The road to MUSE and becoming a Brand Architect and Content Curator over the last 15 years has been a very enlightening experience to say the least. I’ve always had a thing for Art! There has always been something fascinating about having an idea, creating it and watching that idea come to fruition. Coincidentally, in elementary school I would use my free time in computer class playing around and creating ideas on Kids pix (an earlier version of Photoshop).

Those moments in elementary school sharpened my eye and interest in the branding industry. I eventually took notice to how things were packaged and put together. I loved how meticulous luxury brands were formatted and configured. Luxury Brands were sleek in approach and offered exclusivity and detail. For example, my dad loves shoes. I call his shoes my siblings LOL. I would notice that if he purchased a certain brand of shoes the packaging would be amazing!

There would be a high quality bag with rope handles and metallic embossed embellishments JUST on the bag. Then the box might be slightly textured with the logo perfectly placed in the center. Once opened there was a thank you note from the brand. AH HA personal touch always wins! The shoes would be individually packaged in bags for protection and safekeeping. There is just something about the packaging that kept me intrigued and wanting to learn more about the people who provided these services.

As a kid I enjoyed the colors and graphics on popular cereal boxes and how it invoked or suggested a certain experience just by looking at the packaging. I would eat the entire box all while observing the design and content. These moments forced me to embrace all the creative elements that I possessed. For this reason alone I knew I had something special and I knew it had to be cultivated.

So I began to create and play around with content and the ideas would just flow. Creativity was my safe space. I knew that I wanted to pursue this in some way as a career I just wasn’t exactly sure how to conceptualize what it was I wanted to achieve. I would reach out for help but I was never satisfied with what others produced. So I just kept creating and thought maybe one day I would get better and it would turn into something lucrative.

In the fall of 2006, I began my first semester at The University of the Arts College of Media and Communications. Entering into the University of the Arts I had no clue what branding actually was. I just knew I liked design and packaging. Fast forward to my junior year, second semester. I took a class that included visuals, advertising and branding. The day the professor taught on branding was the day it all made sense.

My passion for branding catapulted into the Kingdom Agency Design Studio which then rebranded in 2015 and evolved into MUSE Branding Agency. In just a short time MUSE has fostered notable clientele including GRAMMY-nominated artists, renowned industry personalities and successful small business entities. MUSE has now emulsified into a lifestyle brand with services including Brand Coaching, Content Curation, Artist Development and Brand Education. No matter what capacity we operate in we will always – Live to Create and Create to inspire.




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